Custom Small Jewelry Display Set


This sweet jewellery display set is made to order in the colours you would like! We’ll work together to make your custom set.

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A ring cone, a ring dish, and a small trinket bowl. A beautiful small jewelry display set. Keep your rings and daily jewelry safe with cute jewelry display set.

Place this set wherever you take off your jewelry the most often and never loose them knowing there is a spot just for them. In the bathroom, in the kitchen, at your office? It will look beautiful where ever you place it and these make a great gift too!

And the best part?!!! It’s custom made to whatever color you would like! Do you want it super sparkly with glitter? or just shimmery like a pearl?

(Cone) 1.5″W x 3″H – Please be aware these ring cones are NOT tall and thin. They are wide on the bottom and thinner at the top. Pictured is a size 7 ring.
(Dish) 2.5″ – fits earrings or delicate necklaces
(Large Mini Bowl) 1.75″W x 1.125″H – great for rings, earrings, small necklaces or change

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