Resin Glitter Pen – Chunky Sparkles


These custom pens make fabulous gifts! Chunky for a comfortable grip, retractable and refillable!

Choose your Colour * 

These are chunky glitter choices for the ultimate sparkly pen! Purple clouds is shown in the product listing photo.

Text you would like * 

Have a name or word in white applied to the pen. It will be sealed in for protection. Think about words of affirmation or your word of the year. Even a short phrase. I will send you some font choices. Please have your inbox set to receive emails from

Choose pen refill colour * 

All pens come standard in blue in and come with a complimentary refill. Choose from blue ink or black ink. Tip of pen screws off to easily swap out ink refill.

Are you left handed or right handed? * 

This will determine what side to put your personalization on because we want it to face you as you are writing :)

Additional Notes for Text?

Anything else you would like to add please type it here, like your preference in font or a small image/graphic I can add like a sticker beside the text you choose ie. the humming bird shown on the pen in the product photos.


These Resin Glitter Pens are fabulous to give as a gift! Choose your favourite chunky glitter colour… and then add a name or a word!

Words of affirmation are most popular or did you have a “Word of the Year”? A perfect reminder whenever you use your new custom resin glitter pen.

These glitter pens make a great gift for young girls, teens, or the perfect FEEL good gift. A really high quality made pen!

These resin glitter pens are super special too because they are:

– retractable
– refillable, tip screws off to easily change out ink refills
– chunky for a great grip!

You get to:
– Choose from a variety of chunky glitter colours
– Add a Name or word to your resin pen, it will be cut in White vinyl and sealed in with resin.

All pens come packaged in a card stock sleeve and all pens come standard in Blue ink.

Want to create the perfect gift set for someone who loves all things sparkle? Add a custom resin letter bag charm to your glitter pen for a perfect bundle gift. Click here to add a custom resin letter bag charm.

❥ You will have this pen for life as long as you don’t step on it or crush it. No parts will wear down as there are no rubber bits. Refills are pretty standard for clickable pens. If you need more refills please contact me.

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