Non-Medical Mask Pink Vintage


A double layered mask with filter insert which you can cut down and use as you please. Masks open to fully cover the nose, mouth and under the chin for full coverage. No wire for nose.

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While not everyone can get their hands on medical grade masks we can get by with non-medical versions that can be sewn up with various types of fabric and filters.

This Non-Medical Mask features a lovely Pink Vintage pattern. Limited masks available in this pattern.

I wanted to help out and had a stash of fabric in my supplies. I bought some soft elastic and filters that will go with these masks that I am making. They maybe a different style than what you are used to seeing but they fit very well around the nose, mouth and chin so that you have full coverage. I really love this style and only wear this style.

I’m selling these for less because I’ve already had the fabric for a while. I guess they are sort of vintage fabric masks! The fabric has been laundered and pressed with an iron. They are in perfect shape and make great masks. I have kept several for myself and made some Mommy and Me sets for my daughter and I. Why not have some fun in pretty prints right?

Mask Size Information

❥ Best way to measure which mask would work best for you is to measure from the back of one ear, across your upper lip to the back of the other ear.

❥ The sizes below are approximate lengths of the masks from one end of one elastic, across the mask and to the other end of the other elastic when laid flat with elastics pointing outward.

Small – Child – 11″-12″

Medium – Youth –  12″-13″

Large – Adult – 13″-15″

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