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Lotus Bowl with Plate


A gorgeous Lotus Bowl with small coaster tray. A gorgeous home decor piece!


A gorgeous Lotus Bowl with small plate. This multi use set is wonderful for many things. First of all you can choose your colour theme. Second you can use as one piece or separately and third is just a beautiful piece to look at!

This would make a beautiful home decor piece or vanity decor piece. Gorgeous and functional! This would actually make a beautiful Zen gift for the friend that is into yoga or the meditation lifestyle.

Lotus Bowl uses:
1) Vanity decor: Hold your jewellery or hair accessories
1) Tea light holder: place just one in the lotus bowl or separate and place another tea light on the plate as well.
2) Catch all bowl: anything from change to paper clips.
3) Incense stick holder: fill the lotus bowl with some rice to hold your incense sticks in place and as the ashes fall they’ll fall onto the rice for easy cleaning.
…and many other uses!

The plate can be use separately or underneath the lotus bowl for added height. Use as a last minute coaster for a glass or mug if you don’t have any nearby.

-Bowl: 8cm wide by 1cm High
-Plate: 8cm wide by 1cm high

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