Gift Box Bundle for Mom


This perfect keepsake bundle of love would be amazing for mom! Cost includes box, personalized inner lid and shipping with tracking.

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Name for main Pendant * 

What name would you like on the pendant? Can be their name, a meaningful word or a nickname. Please double check your spelling.

Message/Quote * 

Type the message or quote you would like on the second pendant. Please double check your spelling. Or if it’s like a quote in one of the listing pictures please let me know here.

Colour Theme * 

Which colour theme would you like? I will coordinate the beads and tassel. Guaranteed pretty!


Add a coordinating Lucite floral bead cluster and a tassel to complete this keychain as you see one of the listing photos.
I will make sure the colours are coordinated to the colour theme and I will send you a photo of the final product when done before I ship.

Inner Lid Message * 

The inside of the box will have your message to her like show in the listing photo. I can use the message that I have and replace with your name(s) just let me know in the box below. Or you can type an entirely new message for me to use in the box below. Limit is 300 characters with spaces. You can use this tool to count your characters and spaces

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This perfect keepsake bundle of love would be amazing for mom on mother’s day or any day that she would need a pick me up.

Cost includes shipping with tracking.

A Personalized and custom keepsake keychain
I beautiful beaded keepsake keychain that she can use as a bag charm, use as a keychain or just as a keepsake to be reminded of how much you love her. You choose the colour theme and personalize it with her name and a message.
Mother Gift Keychain keepsake

A pocket heart
A small 2″ sparkly read heart with the words ‘I Love You’ on it so that she can hold it close to her heart. Comes in a black velvet bag

A set of 4 button magnets for her kitchen or office
These 1″ round button magnets are small but strong! She can use them on her fridge or in her office at work. Features 4 different phrases on different graphic backgrounds.

A personalized inner lid
She’ll have a true gifting experience! In the box everything will be packaged with tissue paper and crinkle paper bits. As she opens the box, your message to her on will be printed on the inner lid of the box so she’ll see it before she sees all her beautiful gifts.

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