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Abalone Shell Trinket Tray Set


Abalone Shell Hexagon Tray with Ring Cone

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This Abalone Shell Trinket Tray is a one of a kind handmade set perfect for storing your favourite rings and everyday jewellery. Great as a desktop companion you can even store loose change or paper clips and other small office item right by your side.

Abalone shells although pretty, some use them and collect them for their healing, calming and soothing energies.

Several Abalone shell shards are suspended in resin along with silver flakes and some glitter to make this a dazzling piece in a hexagon shape. The cone is simple and side kick to this tray use as decoration or use it to hold your ring when not in use.

The tray has rubber bumpers on the bottom so that it will not scratch surfaces and will stay in place. I placed each abalone shell shard one by one and several layers of resin were poured to get the effect in the final piece. Leftover resin was used to create the coordinating Ring Cone. I absolutely love how it turned out!

A perfect set if you are looking for something elegant with natural accents. A beautiful gift for an ocean lover they will definitely appreciate this Abalone Shell Trinket Tray.

-hexagon shape 4.25″x 4.25″
-abalone shell shards
-silver flakes
-coordinating ring cone 2.75″ high

I love creating beautiful resin pieces that are one of a kind and beautiful. I especially love making jewellery storage sets like this one as I have several of my own. They come in very handy for my jewellery and small items. Practical and pretty that’s what I was aiming for.

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