Beautiful, thoughtful and meaningful.

Gifts for mom that are one-of-a-kind and beautiful just like her!
Mother’s Day is May 9th in North America.
Order her custom gift now and we’ll ship it straight to her for Mother’s Day*.
*Although due to COVID we cannot guarantee that it will make it FOR Mother’s Day. But we always say that a late gift is better than no gift!

Give her a unique gift!

You can buy mom all the mugs, wall art, wooden signs, pillows and jewelry in the world but I can guarantee she won’t have something as thoughtful and meaningful as this keepsake bundle. You get to customize it and personalize it keeping her in mind during the design process.


mother's day bundle

What’s included in this bundle just for mom?

A Magnet Set

She can use on her fridge or home office.

A mix of 4 button magnets with graphics and phrases that will show how much she means to you.

A Pocket Heart

She can carry it with her so you’ll be close.

A take on the worry stone, this smooth and glittery red heart is finished with a message of love from you. Small enough to fit in a pocket or purse.

Keychain Keepsake

A beautiful keychain with her name and message.

Choose your theme for this one of a kind keepsake. Customize it and personalize it to suit your mom’s personality and favourite colour.

Something truly unique!

There is something that has to be said for a hand made gift, they truly are made with love.
A keepsake with multiple uses that YOU customize and personalize according to HER.
Now you can’t get more special and meaningful than that.

Mother Gift Keychain keepsake

There are many ways to make this keepsake unique and from the heart.
Each keepsake keychain comes with coordinating beads and the level of sparkly embellishment that you think would suit her.

See below for ways you can customize and personalize this gift.

Choose a Theme

Create this keepsake in her favourite colour theme.

Favourite colours are favourite for a reason! Having something custom made in her favourite colours will be a lot more meaningful than something that is not. Choose from different patterns and florals.

Main Pendant

Use a name or nickname that is unique to her

Names are special , especially a nickname because those definitely hold more meaning and have a story or memory attached to them.
*name will be on a background from the theme that you choose.

Second Pendant

Include a message or a quote that you know she’ll love.

Words can have a big effect on someone and create feelings of happiness and love. Is there a special saying, inside joke or quote you would use?
*Background colour will match theme that you choose.

Are you ready to build the ultimate unique gift bundle?

You will be able to choose your keepsake style on the next page.

Ways she can use her new keepsake



A practical gift! She can use her new gift as a normal keychain for her keys. It will go wherever she goes, and she may even be less likely to lose her keys because they are attached to a super special gift that you gave her 🙂


Bag Charm

She can clip her new gift onto her everyday purse or bag. Or use to dress up her purse if out for the evening as it definitely adds a layer of sparkle. She’ll have a piece of you with her wherever she goes!



If she loves trinkets she can simply use it as a keepsake to display in her room or home. Guaranteed to put a smile on her face when she looks at it because she knows you love her.

This beautiful keepsake bundle comes in a box
and the inside lid can be personalized for the wonderful mother receiving it.

What our Customers have to say about our keepsake keychains

My mom absolutely loves her new keychain! She carries it on her purse because we live far apart and it comforts her. She said it is beautiful and great quality and to be sure to give the seller a 5 star rating. Thanks for helping to make my moms Mother’s Day perfect!

Lovely beautiful gift for my mom from my kids. Excellent customer service!

Grand Parent Gifts

Lovely beautiful gift for my mom who means everything to us. So Sparkly! She loved it as her favourite colour is Blue!

mom keychain

Are you ready to create the ultimate unique gift box for Mother’s Day?

As a bonus for ordering today I’ll email you a free printable that you can use for your own gift wrapping needs.
Easy to print at home! It includes:
• A set of 6 gifts tags, you can print, cut and punch a hole and attach with ribbon or tape down to your gift.
• 3 mini cards that you can print, cut out and fold. It’s blank on inside for you to write your own message.


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